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Sales Staff

Jeffrey B. Halpern, CHME

Jeff Halpern has been a hotel sales executive for over 45 years. He has served in multi-property/Vice Presidential positions for Americana Hotels, Omni/Dunfey Hotels, and Prime Hospitality. Mr. Halpern's experience includes direct sales positions in virtually all types of domestic and international hotels, as well as operational and management roles.

Lisa D'Alessandro
Vice President/National Sales

Lisa D’Alessandro joined Rooms Unlimited from positions in the restaurant/hospitality field in 1996, initially taking on many of the organizational functions necessary to help grow our then somewhat new company. Her multi-administrative roles at IBM/Tivoli made her ideally suited to move quickly into her current position as Vice President/National Sales, now specializing in the complex needs of the extended stay Government per diem market and disaster relief sales efforts, in addition to her outstanding work with Restaurant and Store Openings.