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Operations Staff

Anna Hendershott
Vice President, Operations

Anna Hendershott began her hotel operations career in 1989 and served in various capacities with Prime Hospitality until joining Rooms Unlimited in 1999. From Controller to General Manager, Anna’s background is ideally suited to the diverse needs of our clients. She now serves as Operations Manager handling the myriad of things needed to ensure a smooth flow of information and details between our customers and our supplier hotels.

Jason D. Halpern
Vice President, Information Services

Jason Halpern joined Rooms Unlimited in 2010 after 13 years as a management and information technology consultant. After 5 years with Anderson Consulting (Accenture), Jason co-founded Bay Street Solutions in San Francisco. As an expert in Customer Relationship Management technology, he was instrumental in steering the company to a merger with a larger, publicly traded company where he served for 4 additional years. Jason has been able to keep Rooms Unlimited current with the technology and informational needs that allow us to secure the correct room locations and blocks necessary for success with our clients.