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Our Hotels

From 75 room inns to 2,000 room convention hotels, our affiliated properties share two things in common--satisfied customers and, as a result, repeat business.

Because we maintain our independence, we are not locked into any single brand name or management company, and have chosen hotels that know how to deal with high-volume, repetitive business.

Meetings? Seminars? Major space with multiple breakouts and even exhibits??? No problem! Our experienced conference oriented sales personnel work hand in hand with on-site convention service directors to ensure that your needs are communicated properly and the proper set-up and follow through takes place.

One phone call to Rooms Unlimited simplifies the booking of business into an endless supply of hotels in a variety of locations throughout the United States. From Bangor to San Diego, Miami to Seattle, our customer service personnel focus on the needs of each individual guest.

Most of our hotels are owned or operated by acquaintances of ours from the past 30+ years. This gives us the ability to handle any situation that may arise with the full awareness and cooperation of executives at both the home office and property levels.

Rather than trying to be the "biggest", we focus on customer's lodging needs and match these with the proper facilities, leading to a greater percentage of their business coming through Rooms Unlimited. This "customer share" approach focuses attention on those customers who have needs in a variety of locations and who can be matched with our hand-picked hotels.

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